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Microsoft Certified Partner HP Business Partner Dell Business Partner Edmond Chamber of Commerce Better Business Bureau and Best of Business 2008 Better Business Bureau Torch Award Association of Computer Repair Business Owners

About Us

The 3 Geeks (T3G) was founded in 2002, as the result of a collaboration of three technologically advanced computer engineers. Remaining founder Tom Menasco, and his wife Beth, now manage the growing enterprise, and a multitude of talented Geeks. Voted “Best of the Best” in IT/Computer Consulting by OKCBusiness Magazine in November 2008, The 3 Geeks believe computer support is a science, and that there are multiple methods that can be used to achieve any desired result. As their Chief Engineer says, “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open!” T3G Engineers realize that there are many ways to do just about anything, but they have to be open minded to be able to see which method will be most effective for a particular client.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, T3G Engineers hold a variety of certifications and have more than 100 combined years of technology experience under their belts. 10 Technicians and Engineers (Microsoft, Novel, MAC, Linux), a Website/graphics developer, 2 Access Developers, and a cadre of support and part-time personnel work hard to meet T3G client’s needs. This pool of resources gives The 3 Geeks’ customers the ability to come to a single place for all of their computing needs, no matter how large or small.

Honored with two consecutive Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics and Customer Service in the Marketplace in 2007 and 2008, T3G takes great pride in being able to tailor their services to meet each customer’s needs and budget, without charging retainer or contract fees. Maintenance contracts are kept simple and flexible, and customer service is delivered with a smile. A key aspect to T3G’s success is the fact that they go above and beyond customer expectations to make sure the client is satisfied with the quality of support they receive. Because T3G builds relationships with their clients that go beyond just business computer support, they often become “mini IT departments” for their clients, and in turn, are asked to support many of their business client's personal home computers.

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