Business Support/Maintenance

Business's needing support and maintenance for server, networking and workstations can choose from two specialized programs. Block Time Contracts and Managed Maintenance Service. The overall benefits for clients are reduced rates, better payment terms, quicker response time, less downtime and a reduction in emergency services. Contact our office at 405-285-4335 and arrangements will be made for an on-site survey and consultation.

Block Time Contracts

A dedicated technician will be assigned to your business and scheduled on-site based upon your needs. A technician can be on-site from one day to seven days a week covering any working shift that you might have. A help desk can be provided to input work orders and track their development. A robust alert system for server and network issues will be established. Remote access to servers and workstations will be implemented to cover issues that could arise when a technician is not on-site. The 3 Geeks do work with clients that maintain their own IT staff. We work hard to educate the client's staff and keep them informed of all developing issues. Reduced rates are applicable for this service.

Managed Maintenance Service

The goal of managed maintenance service is to put our client on a regular maintenance schedule that will prevent major issues arising on their server and network. Most managed maintenance service clients are scheduled for one on-site and one remote visit a month. After our initial on-site most clients average one hour to two hours per server for their on-site maintenance visit. The remote maintenance will average one hour per server. The schedule is flexible and tailored to each client's specific needs. An alert system to monitor your server and network health will be established. Clients receive a reduced rate for participation in this service.

Break/Fix, Remote, and Phone Support

The 3 Geeks has a very large repeat client base that depends upon support for issues that arise at an unplanned time. In an emergency we will try to dispatch a technician to your site that day. We work hard to get your issue resolved within 24 hours. There are many events that can be scheduled a few days out. Whether you are an existing client or a first time client whatever your issue is we will work to meet your deadline. This is a non-contractual service that you might need only one time or several times a year.

Off-site Backups

Reliable Off-site Backups is an off-site data storage solution for Business and Residential clients. Locally stored data is under constant threat of destruction from natural disasters, man-made events and hardware failure. Many business and residential users depend on external hard drives, tape drives and other assorted hardware to backup their data. This backup remains on-site. Since both the original data and backup data are at the same location, they are both subject to loss when a major catastrophe occurs. The only way to insure that a backup is not destroyed in a catastrophe is to use Reliable Backups.


"The Geek Wall" is our proprietary hardware and software firewall solution developed by The 3 Geeks. The Geek Wall offers comprehensive site blocking and management of your network. Our clients have found "The Geek Wall" competitive in price and highly effective.

We can configure any type of firewall device you might have, or we can design a custom solution for you. We have knowledge of Microsoft ISA, SmoothWall, Cisco, and smaller home versions like D-Link and Linksys. No firewall job is too big or small.

Spyware/Adware/Virus Removal

Adware/spyware/malware removal can be conducted in the privacy of your home and 2 hours is a good rule of thumb per machine at the standard rate. If your machine is infected with a large amount of viruses or adware/spyware/malware or it has several user profiles, it can require more time to fix. We will let you know if the job is going to run longer than our original estimate and give you the option of allowing us to take it back to the lab to help try and save you un-necessary costs.


We have the ability to design, test, and implement any size network environment you can conceive. We have experience in multiple environments including large WAN environments or as small as the standard residential customer cable/DSL home LAN. We can also design and build your wireless network.

Website Design/ E-commerce Setup / Applications Development

We want to make sure you get what you want, and be positive that it looks great and is completely functional. These types of projects require a lot of work and have special requirements. We have the ability to set you up to do online credit card transactions. These projects require a written proposal and face to face meetings. We will submit an estimate for the entire cost of the project.

Since special specifications and business requirements have to be met in custom software applications, a proposal must be presented to asses the scope of the project. We will then submit an estimate for the entire cost of the project. From that point we will work with you to iron out the details.

Professional Cat5e Wall Jack Installation

We offer competitive rates for professional Cat5e wall outlet installation at $50 per jack, plus labor, up to 100 feet ($.50/foot thereafter). This includes all wire and hardware needed to complete the job properly and safely from your networking hardware to your desired location. This rate may be negotiable if you require several outlets to be installed at the same time.

Cable/DSL Install

Have you purchased cable/dsl broadband services but don't know how to install it? We can help! Even if you just need a little coaching on how to get it set up, or you don't want to pay the large setup costs of your provider.

Database Maintenance/Design

Database maintenance is billed at the standard hourly rate. Database design can have many unique requirements. This is why a written proposal is required for us to be able assess the scope of your requirements. We will submit an estimate for the entire cost of the project and begin working with you to get every detail implemented to your satisfaction.

Residential On-site Support and Remote Support

If you have what you consider a minor problem, give us a call, sometimes we are able to fix problems for people over the phone. In our opinion some tasks are too small to send a technician to your house to fix and you just might get it fixed in minutes, with a few keystrokes, mouse clicks, and a reboot! If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone we can dispatch a technician to your residence. We also offer reduced residential rates for computers brought into our store.