Our Rates

Block Contract Plans
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Server On-Site Rates Cost/hr
Regular Rate $115.00
Emergency Rate $145.00
Weekend Emergency Rate $165.00
Novell Server Rate $150.00
Business On-Site Rates Cost/hr
Regular Rate $105.00
Weekday Emergency Same Day $125.00
Weekend Emergency $145.00
Note: 1 hour minimum charge, including one-way travel.
Business Rates — In Lab Desktop Cost/hr Laptop Cost/hr
Regular Rate $95.00 $105.00
3 Day Guaranteed $115.00 $125.00
48 hours Guaranteed $135.00 $145.00
24 hours Guaranteed $155.00 $165.00
Note: $30.00 diagnostic fee. $60.00 rush diagnostic fee.
Residential On-Site Rates Cost/hr
Regular Rate $95.00
Weekday Emergency Same Day $125.00
Weekend Emergency $145.00
Note: 1 hour minimum charge, including one-way travel.
Residential Rates Desktop Cost/hr Laptop Cost/hr
In the Lab (5-7 Day Turn Around) $75.00 $85.00
In the Lab (Guaranteed 3 Days) $95.00 $105.00
In the Lab (Guaranteed 48 hours) $115.00 $125.00
In the Lab (Guaranteed 24 hours) $135.00 $145.00
Note: $20.00 diagnostic fee. $40.00 rush diagnostic fee.
All guaranteed turnaround rates are based on business days. Weekend / holiday rush rates are available.
Prescheduled (Weekend / Evening / Holiday) 2hr min. Cost/hr
Residential $110.00
Business $120.00
Business with Server $130.00
Virus/System Clean Up - Full Residential Business
1 profile $225.00 $285.00
2 or more profiles $300.00 $380.00
Note: PC or Laptop, all work done in the lab.

Data & Transfer (HDD still functioning)

Residential $85.00
Business $105.00
Note: No Guarantee - Does not include new media.
Data Recovery & Transfer (HDD not functioning) Cost/hr
Residential starting at $170.00
Business starting at $210.00
Note: Beyond 4 hours with approval. Does not include a OS reload or cleanup.
2 Hour Deposit, based on hourly lab rate, is Required – No Guarantee
call for details
Laptop Power Connection Repair Residential Business
Labor + Price of the parts ($20 - $60) $170.00 $210.00
Note: No Guarantee - ½ of total service deposit required.
Remote Via LogMeIn Cost/hr
Standard Rate $95.00
Note: 0.5 Hour Minimum (Credit card required)
MAC Computers  
Regular Service Charges + additional $10.00 charge.
Backup & Reload of OS - Media functioning Residential Business
  $225.00 $285.00
Professional Cat6e Wall Jack Installation - Commercial Only  
$90.00, plus labor.
Technical Support by Phone Cost/hr
If we solve it in 5 minutes or less... FREE
Residential Phone Support $85.00
Business Phone Support $95.00
Note: Billed in 15 minute increments. (Credit card required)
Reliable Off-Site Backups Volume Pricing
Reliable Off-Site Backups It's easy to get started! Reliable Off-Site Backups licensing is $95.00 per year, per server, and can be quickly installed at The 3 Geeks standard hourly server rate. If a customer has an Exchange or SQL server, there is additional annual licensing cost of $45.00 per year. The monthly maintenance fee is $25.00 and includes the client's first 10 gigabytes of data, restorative testing, integrity testing, and other maintenance functions. There is only a $0.25 charge per gigabyte of data that exceeds the 10 gigabytes included in the maintenance fee!
Here's an example to help you understand how storage is billed:
5 GB $25.00
10 GB $25.00
11 GB $25.25
23 GB $28.25
111 GB $50.25
329 GB $104.75
If you have special requirements, give us a call and our knowledgeable staff can tailor a plan to suit your needs.